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Potentia Engineering Solutions has taken the initiative to solve energy crises in Pakistan and committed to provide the following higher efficiency energy projects. We know what it takes to succeed in the competitive solar industry. We offer you the lowest prices for Solar panels and the solar components which you would require. We understand the requirements and deliver the products you need on time. Potentia Engineering is recognized as one of fastest growing companies in Pakistan with a very strong network to support your after sales requirements.

Solar energy for businesses can be very complex, it is wise to choose a solid partner that has the expertise in-house and that takes full responsibility for the entire project. With these assets, we have an answer to all your challenges: 

-The right people: Potentia Engineering has the most experienced specialists in-house. You can count on their years of expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of energy systems for businesses.

-Professional project planning: with a strong project-based approach, we always maintain an overview. Potentia works with you throughout the whole process and proposes intelligent solutions.

-Flexibility: as a subsidiary of the Potentia Engineering Solutions can act as a flexible, proactive partner. In this way, we can coordinate our services seamlessly with your needs.

-Energy efficiency: As a leading player in the renewable energy market, Potentia Engineering has all the knowledge in house to optimize your energy consumption and yields.


  • EPC- Small to Large Scale Projects.lampe
  • Solar System – Hybrid/off-Grid /Grid Tied
  • Energy Auditing.
  • Large Scale Solar Power Projects.
  • Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems.
  • Solar Tube well for Irrigation System.


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